Get To Know Shaun.

An Advisor You Can Trust.

Shaun has decades of experience helping others achieve growth in their personal and professional productivity, time management, and overall sense of balance and purpose in life.

In addition to his Bachelor of Arts and his Master of Arts degrees, Shaun has been certified in various professional time management workshops as well as “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

He has led full day workshops for the staff, faculty, and students of educational institutions and other non-profit groups. He has also led full day workshops for teams in various professional business fields.

Shaun has been involved in leading organizations at the senior leadership and executive level. This means he knows what it’s like to feel the pressure and loneliness of leadership. He also knows the challenges and unique opportunities of leading from the “2nd chair.” Whatever your needs, you will find an eager and engaged partner for growth in Shaun’s coaching.

One-On-One Coaching.

Shaun is an effective one-on-one coach who excels in helping people “think about their thinking” by asking good questions. His coaching clients experience personal and professional growth in the areas that matter most to them. His coaching approach is that of a trusted advisor, not a know-it-all expert.

Shaun believes a good coach should say less and listen more. Because of this belief he seeks first to understand his clients needs and challenges before responding with maturity and integrity. He always works with his clients as a trusted ally for their growth.